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Leaf Seat Plastic Section: JCO-0739-AC-GRIS

Leaf Seat Plastic Section: JCO-0739-AC-GRIS

Leaf Seating section: The Colorado seat is for use with Colorado or Vertigo equipment. This item bolts onto a 89mm tube. The components are manufactured from impact resistant rotation moulded plastic and are bolted together with stainless steel fittings.
This items is available in green or black which can be chosen from the drop down menu, along with the fittings.
Please note that the main bolts can only be tightened using the standard Torx bit available on this website from the bolts and fittings section.
Seat Colour Option
  • Details

    Fittings Pack includes:
    2x JPI-0073-AC: M10x110mm stainless studding
    4x Q00261: Torx cap nut stainless steel
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