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Axel & Bearing Set (For Primary Seesaw)

Axel & Bearing Set (For Primary Seesaw)

This set is for use with the Husson Primary seesaw. The set consists of one stainless steel axle, 2 x bearings, 2 x circlips, 2 x plastic plugs and 2 x plastic caps. 
Please note, that due to various versions of the axle, a date of manufacture must be supplied with the order. This information can be found on the manufacturers label plate on the seesaw itself.
The axle will be supplied based on this information.
  • Details

    The set includes:
    1 x JIN-0176-BR Axle
    2 x Q00091 Circlips
    2 x F00155 Bearings with plugs
    2 x Q00042 Round caps
    1 x Torx tool
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